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About Us

About Pandemic Products


Pandemic Products & Equipment [PP&E] is an operating division of BioMed Technologies, Inc. PP&E focuses on the sourcing & delivery of top-tier brands of PPE product for use by the medical community (first responders & HC professionals)

We also distribute to Municipalities (cities, towns & counties) and large corporations, sports facilities and private organizations.

PP&E also has solutions that provide for the disinfecting of spatial areas via a state-of-the-art process utilizing proprietary solutions that are 1000 times more potent than bleach, yet is non-toxic to humans & animals.

Providing you with the best PPE for the best care


Our team of researchers & scientists are of the belief that the only way to prevail over infectious disease is to stay ahead of the curve in viral response protocols.

Research & Clinical Study

The research team at BioMT are diligently seeking to find solutions to treatment and mitigation of viral infectious disease in partnership with some of the world's top infectious disease research firms.

Testing & Development

The only way to respond effectively to pandemics such as COVID-19 is to test, so PP&E has sourced and now provides Rapid Tests to is clients that perform both diagnostic and antibody tests.

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