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UV Shields & Wands


UV Shields & Wands

Effective Disinfecting Alternatives


UVC light, a  little-known, relatively new way to reduce the number of germs on surfaces in your home or office.

UV-Sanitizing Wands


Sanitizing UV wands are good for use at home or office [must be UVC rays (not UVA or UVB)] 



  • Sanitize and Sterilize an area very quickly. Destroys odor causing bacteria and mold in an instant. Buy more than 1 for quantity discounts.

  • U/V C Technology allows germs and bacteria to be killed, even on porous surfaces.

  • Reduce Germs on practically any surface. Deodorized shoes in a few minutes.

  • Kills MRSA and H1N1, Ebola and much more - Actually gets rid of odor.

  • Destroys drug resistant bacteria. Destroys many biofilms. KIlls Lyme disease causing spirochetes.

  • Safe on baby toys, keyboards, utensils, personal hygiene products, shoes, bedding, countertops

  • Sterilizes and Sanitizes surfaces to kill many types of microorganisms

  • Odor free - Chemical free - No harmful residue

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