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Become a PP&E Agent

Becoming an Authorized Agent of PP&E is as fulfilling a career move as they come. You control your own time, work at your discretion, make significant income from your sales and become a part of a team that is steadfastly shifting and changing the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About our Agents

As a PP&E agent, your time is your own. The harder you work, the more lucrative your income. As long as you have the necessary connections and contacts within the field of PPE - be it government agencies, hospital networks, urgent care facilities, municipalities, etc, that require purchase and distribution of a range of bulk PPE product, then join our team.

Our Agents fulfill their duties by connecting Buyer & Seller. Our network of both Buyers and Sellers have consistently had their needs met by the expertise and professionalism of our team of Agents.


If you believe you have a need to change careers or have been in the medical sales sector for a while, this could be the move for you. We specialize in discounted, bulk distribution of a wide range of PPE product - from Nitrile Gloves, Masks and Test Kits, to Shields & Gowns.






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